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My name is Amanda, but my "fandom" name is Hypno. I'm a 20 something year old with a passion for crafting! The character I portray online is a blue lynx named Lumi. My hobbies include traveling, outdoor activities, kayaking, fishing, freelance art, and all things reptiles. I originally started up the brand back in 2013, and have been expanding ever since!


Hey, I'm Josh! I'm a digital media student, game maker, photographer, and owner of Flint, a snarky river otter! I've been a part of the fandom since 2008, and have just recently become more active in the community. I'm a big fan of all things nerdy and high-octane outdoor activities like mountain biking, skiing, and wakeboarding.

The Team

Amanda & Josh at Yellowstone National Park

The Family

The couple behind the studio and their kids! Art by @PoodleWool on Twitter!

The Characters

Flint & Lumi with the gang! Art by @RedSunAtDawn on Twitter!